What is Apitherapy?

Apitherapy is the use of honeybee products to treat various medical conditions and promoting health wellness (Gale Group 2005). The term apitherapy is derived from the words apis that means bee and therapy which means treatment.
So APITHERAPY means BEETREATMENT. It is claimed to be effective against several medical conditions that ranges from arthritis, chronic pain, respiratory conditions to serious medical conditions like cancer and stroke (Gale Group 2005).
Our apitherapy products have therapeutic properties which include bioactive and antioxidant compounds with a wide range of health benefits including killing bacteria and viruses by stopping their growth and spread, thereby promoting health wellness through immune boosting.
The products also help in managing and controlling coughs, sore throat, scratchy, irritating dry throat, laryngitis, voice remedy, LPR, oral thrush, postnasal drip and sinus congestion, bronchitis, constipation and bloating tummy and wounds.
They have been used in the ancient and remains one of the main branches of alternative medicine to convectional medication.

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Tharaka Honey Apitherapy for Kids-100ml

KES 700.00

Tharaka Honey Apitherapy for Adults-100ml

KES 800.00

Tharaka Honey Bee Propolis- 15ml

KES 900.00

Tharaka Honey Bee Propolis- 30ml

KES 1,750.00
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